• Dundee Frontrunners

DFR is open for business

After 5 long months of not being able to run together, Dundee Frontrunners is cautiously inviting new runners and visitors to Dundee to join us on our Wednesday evening and Sunday morning runs. As ParkRuns UK-wide have not re-started yet, there is no official Saturday event for DFR, however this can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis if there is enough interest.

DFR is a JogScotland-affiliated club, which means we are exempt from the most recent social distancing guidance. However, we still encourage our runners to practice proper social distancing whilst together, and we will organise ourselves into small pace-groups to help manage the risk. If you are experiencing ANY Covid-19 symptoms, please hold off joining us for a run until you feel 100% better.

Running is a great activity for physical and mental well-being, but it is equally important for us to remain vigilant about staying healthy. We hope to see you soon!