• Dundee Frontrunners

Start small...

Sometimes the hardest part about getting fit is *getting started*. Especially these days, between kids, work, daily commitments and the time we spend commuting between all of these things, the thought of having to schedule in more time for physical activity feels laughable.

And in many cases it IS laughable because the goals we set are unrealistic. Recall that latest lightning bolt moment we've all had: "I'm going to run a marathon next month!" Or a half, or 10km or even 5km race - these things take time to train for properly or else we risk injuring ourselves. How many times have we set these goals then found a reason to stop halfway through or not start at all? The reason isn't some sort of personal deficiency, it's because the goals we set don't fit into the time we have to accomplish them.

The answer is simple: our goals should be based on the amount of time we DO have! According to this article in The Guardian, a commitment of as little as 20 or 30 SECONDS is enough to make a difference.

It's all about getting started.