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Races! (updated 24 July)

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Here are the races we are attending/watching for 2019!

We'll be updating this list throughout the year so remember to check back to see new races.

Manchester Frontrunners - It's a Piece of Cake 10k

Saturday 05 May

Northumberland Pride 5k

Friday 31 May

Monikie 5k & 10k

Sunday 12 May

Rattray Blair Half Marathon

Sunday 02 June

Edinburgh Frontrunners Pride Run (5k)

Friday 21 June

Dundee Half DRAM Half Marathon

Sunday 07 July

Newcastle Frontrunners LGBT5k Running Festival

Friday 19 July

Crombie Country Park 10k

Wednesday 14 August

Glasgow Frontrunners OutRun (5-mile)

Saturday 17 August